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grey standing seam metal roof on Vista home

11 Reasons For Installing A Metal Roof In Vista, CA

Here are 11 Reasons You Should Install A Metal Roof On Your Vista Home

We can write about metal roofs all day, and there would be a lot to say about the topic; Howbeit more positive things than negatives. But instead of getting into a debate about the pros and cons of metal roofs, this post will shed light on 11 great reasons you should get a professional to install a metal roof on your San Diego home.


1. Energy Efficiency

A metal roof offers thermal emissivity, ranging up to 80 percent or more. When your roof releases so much heat energy coming from the sun, your dream home in California will remain cool.

This energy efficiency implies that you’ll spend less to keep your home cool, so fewer energy bills because of the roof’s energy efficiency.

Compared to this metal roof’s 80% or more, some shingle systems can only deliver 28 percent thermal emissivity.

2. Energy Star Ratings

If you need further convincing about its energy-saving nature, you should know that everything used in the painted finishes for metal roofing has an energy-star rating.

With Energy Star-rated finishes on nearly every metal roof, it would be quite hard to find a metal roofing system that doesn’t deliver amazing savings, even with the great amounts of sunshine in California.

3. Financially Wise Decision

Don’t be discouraged by the initially high cost of metal roofing, especially when compared to other roofing systems. In the end, it helps you save funds because it’ll remain in great condition while shingle roofs that were installed at the same time might have been changed thrice.

The high-quality materials used in their production, coupled with expert skills needed to make and install the roofing system which makes them expensive, also make them long-lasting, energy-saving, and more efficient for your home.

4. HVAC System Friendly

With a metal roof, your HVAC system is bound to run for less than the usual time, perform better, and have a longer lifespan. Your metal roof will help you have a cooler home, which means you don’t need to run your air conditioner for so long, and the pressure on your central AC will reduce.

You can also expect to repair your HVAC less and not need to make replacements for a long time.

5. Longevity

Metal roofs deliver a long-term solution that many roofing materials cannot offer. While others save for roof repairs or replacements every few years, you can go decades without needing to replace your roof. The lifespan of an average metal roof is 50 years, which is half an entire lifetime.

So, if you have plans to stay in your Vista home for a long time, a metal roof is the best investment.

6. Modern and Attractive Appearance

Thanks to modern designs and new roofing technology, metal roofs are beautiful and stylish, and definitely not the corrugated roofs of nearly a century ago.

Now, metal roofs come in bright colors, beautiful patterns, and long-lasting finishes, which make them perfect for residential installations in San Diego and Vista.

If you’re ready to beautify and protect your home with a firm and beautiful metal roof, you can contact this roofing company. Gen819 Roofing & Solar is the best residential roofer in Vista and they will beautify your home by delivering several roofing services.

7. Minimal Maintenance 

Who has time to schedule yearly maintenance when you can buy a metal roof that’ll remain strong for a long time?

When you install a new metal roof, you can rest easy for years without thinking about maintenance. In a few years, you can only expect to have a Vista roofing company carry out a minimal inspection of your roof.

If you have Shingles, you’ll often need to carry out cleaning, repairs, and inspections yearly. When you put the expenditure for all these together, it amounts to a lot of spending you could have avoided with metal roofing systems.

8. Recyclable

You would think that the advantages of metal roofing systems end in their being long-lasting, but that’s not where it ends.

Even after covering your home for a very long time, your metal roof is still nearly 100% recyclable.

Metal roofing is made from high-quality aluminum, galvanized steel, copper, steel, and aluminum alloys. These materials can be comfortably recycled by different commercial establishments across California.

These metals can be used to make beer cans, building beams, bicycles, and so much more.

9. Repairs Rarely Happen

You don’t need to do much in the area of repairs, because metal roofs are just as resilient as they are beautiful. They can handle harsh weather for many years without needing any repairs. Even when they need to be repaired, the issues would be minor, and not need so much work.

10. Solar Friendly

With the sun in California, tell me who wouldn’t invest in solar panels? With a metal roof and solar panels, you can generate and use lots of natural energy. Getting metal roofs with standing seams helps you install a solar panel without needing to make drills.

Thanks to solar clamps, the solar panels will hold firmly to your roof without affecting its strength and structure.

11. Wind Resistance

When the wind blows in Vista, CA, you have to be on alert. But, the average metal panel roofing has about 140 mph wind rating. So, when you have a sturdy metal roof installed in your home, you can rest easy on windy days knowing that your roof can hold its own against the winds.

Advantages of Metal Roofs In The Winter

What are the advantages of a Metal Roof in winter?

Whenever winter approaches, some homeowners begin to worry about the ability of their roofs to survive the cold winter months.

There are many homeowners in California who wish they had replaced their roofs in summer before the winter season starts. Many people think the roof could stay for another year. Some others don’t even think much about it until a leak or damage occurs and they have to suffer through the winter.

If you are currently considering installing a new roof, consider a metal roof because it is the best fit for the weather conditions in California.

More homeowners in California are embracing metal roofing because they are a better fit for the weather conditions in here. They also offer more protection to your home than a shingle roof.

Metal slates won’t crack, bend, or get deformed, which is what you get when you deal with shingle. Although they are expectedly more expensive than shingles, they are a worthwhile investment because of the benefits discussed below.


You get better durability from metal roofs because the slates don’t crack, bend, or deform with time. You can be sure that snow and rain won’t damage the roof, so you have a longer lifespan compared to shingles that’ll curl under the heat of the sun and crack as seasons change

 Less Weight

The build-up of ice and snow in the winter can pose an extra weight on your roof. When this happens, your building walls and its very foundation is put under a lot of pressure. Without removal of the extra weight, a collapse is possible.

But when you have a metal roof, ice and snowfall off easier than they would from a shingle roof. So, you have less weight on your roof, as well as fewer accumulations of leaves, branches, and the like.

 Fewer chances of snow and ice piling up on the roof

Metal roofs have a sleek metal surface that ensures they don’t hold snow and ice as a shingle roof would. There is a smaller likelihood of snow piling up on your roof because it slides off smoothly.

Whatever snow is left on your roof will be removed easily when it melts, thanks to the same sleek steel surface that creates a natural waterslide for water to flow out easily.

Your roof is less likely to leak, and you can feel more secure in your home.

 Animal Damage Protection

Year after year, homeowners call the attention of roofers to animal problems and damages to their roofs.

Birds, raccoons, squirrels, and even critters can cause damage to your roof. They can enter your attic after lifting your vent caps, shingles, and flashing.

They often proceed to build nests on your roof once they get in and move their family inside, especially in the cold winter months when animals seek warmth.

Once they have damaged your roof to get in, it is almost inevitable that your roof will begin to leak not long after.

Metal roofing resists animal damage more than shingles, especially when shingles age and lose strength. Metal roofing materials can’t be moved, lifted, or damaged easily.

So, if you have these problematic animals in your home, it is best to install a metal roof to keep them away and save maintenance costs.

Metal roofing solutions are the sought-after and improved roof covering for homeowners. More people living in San Diego and choosing to make a switch thanks to its stability, durability, and long lifespan.

Get a free quote today and find out if a metal roof is a great option for you!

Metal Roofs And Hail Damage

Can Metal Roofs Withstand Hail Damage?

As a San Diego homeowner seeking the best option for your roofing needs, it is easy to look past metal roofs if you feel they are not stylish enough or are a bit outdated. You may even picture the roof on old houses that have seen better days and make up your mind about metal roofs. But, modern metal roofs used for residential homes have been designed in such a way that they are now more durable and aesthetically pleasing. Apart from being more attractive, these modern metal roofs are now more equipped to withstand unfavorable weather conditions like heavy rainfall, wind, and hail.

With metal roofs, you do not have to worry about loud noises or sounds as the roof is perfectly insulated against unwanted noise.

Hail Proof Metal Roofs

Metal roofs were not always this great. Previous designs suffered from design flaws such as susceptibility to dents, noise, and scratches and so were not the optimum choice. Luckily, manufacturers have fixed this problem in modern designs by introducing coatings of resistant materials to provide an extra layer of protection against extreme weather conditions. Now, metal roofs are considered more durable than asphalt roofs when it comes to protection against hail.

This durability against hail stems from a combination of formidable coatings and galvanized metal. Modern metal roofs that are now installed in homes include a UL 2218 Class IV Impact Resistance rating, which is the highest rating available. For this roofing material to get that rating, a test involving a two-inch steel ball dropped from 20 feet in the air was administered. At the end of the test, the metal roof was said to have remained intact without splitting.

Are All Metal Roofs Hail-Resistant? 

Your metal roof’s ability to effectively withstand hail will depend on the kind of material your metal roof is made of. This is because some metal roofs are made thinner than metal roofs of different materials and some materials are naturally softer than others. Below is a summary of how different metal materials fare under hail;

  • Copper

Copper is known to offer better resistance to hail than other metals. However, as a result of its softness, copper is vulnerable to warping and denting after being exposed to hail for a long period.

  • Steel

Steel is known for its strength and durability, and so is capable of resisting any damage caused by hail very well. However, over time steel may begin showing signs of dents. This still doesn’t change the fact that steel is a reliable roofing option.

  • Aluminum 

Aluminum roofs usually suffer from thin panels which results in severe damage and puncture in a hail storm.

  • Zinc

The main characteristic of zinc that makes it a very suitable choice for roofing is its flexibility. Its thickness and panel design determine its level of resistance to hail.

Shingled Roof and Hail Damage

When shingled roofs suffer from dents as a result of a hail storm, it is usually as a result of the effect of the water hitting the surface of the roof and creating dents. These dents that form on shingles leave the roof unprotected and susceptible to water damage. In most cases, water enters the wood underneath causing algae, fungus, and mold. As a homeowner, this could mean thousands of dollars could be spent on repair.

Metal roofs do not suffer this same fate. They can withstand water damage and prevent water from causing any further damage to the wood underneath like in shingled roofs.

All-Around Weather Protection

When it comes to protection against terrible weather conditions, metal roofs are your best bet. Apart from hail, metal roofs can offer you protection against snow, wind, and even ice better than other conventional roofing materials. The materials used in metal roof construction allow water to flow off the roof rather than accumulate and cause damage.

To get the best quality, you should consider metal roofs installed by a professional metal roofing contractor. You are guaranteed a top-caliber weather protection roof for your home with a limited lifetime transferable warranty for your roof. Metal roofing experts will provide you with round-the-clock consultation on the best metal roof to get depending on the kind of weather in your location.

Importance Of Spring Maintenance For Flat Roofs

Here’s why spring maintenance is necessary for flat roof homes

One strong benefit of flat roofs is that they are easier to maintain. However, they also require more frequent maintenance than their pitched counterparts, especially in spring.

In springtime, rapid changes in temperature and heavy water flows cause stress on the roofing system.

Although it is possible to run some small maintenance and repairs on your flat roof by yourself, a professional inspection is important to detect any damage so that repairs can be made before summertime.

If you want to repair or maintain your roof in San Diego, you want professional roofers to handle your roof systems. We can guarantee that we’re the best roofing experts in San Diego. We will carry out an inspection of your flat roof and handle any damages before they pose a bigger problem.

Drainage problems escalate quite quickly

Pooling water is one of the problems homeowners face most with their flat roofs during the spring season. Although older roofs suffer this more, relatively new and repaired roofs can also encounter drainage issues that can cause water to sit on the roof longer than is healthy.

When debris gets washed down drainpipes, twigs, and leaves can become blockades, catch gravel and dirt, and slow down or even stop the drainage process.

The slower your drainage process, the more chances that debris will go down the pipe. If you don’t attend to clog when it starts, it can become a huge problem.

Some homeowners unclog the drain by removing the dome and removing the dirt, but that isn’t a permanent solution.

You might need to get your drain snaked to do away with the blockage permanently and allow water to flow through properly.

Because we are experts at installing and maintaining flat roofing, we have what it takes to solve your drainage issues efficiently, quickly, and safely. We can also inspect your roof to ensure there are no leaks that can cause invisible water damage to your home.

Winter can compromise your flat roof

Winters in California are known to be very harsh on houses. From heavy snowfalls to animal predation, and even falling off branches, your roof is at risk of suffering some form of damage in winter.

Even flat roofs with the best quality can suffer tiny holes and tears due to the harshness of winter. If these issues are not repaired, they can cause severe leakage and other issues connected to water damage.

If you want to repair your flat roof, we are your best bet. We have professional and far-reaching experience in flat roof installation, maintenance, and repair. We will correct any damage your roof might have faced in winter.

You need an inspection to get ready for Summer

Owning a flat roof is great because it can serve as an extension of your living space in the summertime.

In San Diego and other cities, porches and balconies don’t often come as a part of an original home design. In such a case, a flat roof can serve as a deck space where you can sit out and carry out activities like grilling.

However, it is important to note that using your flat roof for these functions will increase its wear and tear. Hence, it is vital that you inspect the roof thoroughly in the spring.

Do you plan to use your flat roof as part of your living space? Give us a call, and our California roofing experts will ensure that your roof is ready to be used this summer. We will also advise you on how to always have it in good condition throughout the summer months.

San Diego is filled with flat roof homes because it is trendy, efficient, and delivers an extended living space. It is also an efficient replacement for pitched roofs.

If you want to ensure that your roof system is always in great condition to ensure that your home is protected in the coming years, invite us for a professional spring inspection.

When To Replace A Roof

The Hidden Costs Associated With Not Replacing Your Roof

Yes, getting a new roof is quite the investment because a lot of costs are associated. So, many homeowners in Vista, CA will rather patch up the roof and carry out repairs every year to avoid the big change.

However, a time comes when you spend more by not replacing your roof than you would have if you just replaced it.

Vista homeowners need to understand that periodic repairs are only a temporary solution. If the roof continues to leak, it could cause the shingles to fall apart or even result in some invisible damage. Over time, the damage continues to worsen until there’s a big problem that’ll cause you to spend a lot.

Instead of repairing your roof continuously, which is quite stressful and costly when put together, we advise that you get a roof replacement done by a professional roofing company.

Let’s look into the hidden costs associated with not replacing your roof.

Rotten Plywood

Once your roof starts to leak, water gets in and gradually begins to cause things to deteriorate, including the sheets of plywood used as your roof’s base.

The cost of plywood has skyrocketed, so you will need to spend more to replace every plywood sheet that needs changing when the damage already occurred.

To avoid that, replace your roof early so that you only need to buy a few sheets of plywood and save cost.

Interior Wall and Ceiling Damage

As water travels through the plywood, it heads towards your ceiling and causes damage there.

You will begin to see bubbles form and leave water stains on the surface of your ceiling, as well as molds.

The water will continue down your walls, leave streak marks and lead to damaged drywall. These damages mess with the aesthetics of your home and wall.

Replacing the roof early helps you avoid having to repair your Vista home’s interior alongside the roof.

Damaged Attic Insulation

image of attic insulation that is stainedYour attic insulation is important because it keeps your home cool in the summer months and helps your home remain warm in the cold winter season.

Although insulation ought not to be changed whenever you get a roof repair, it’ll need changing when a leak occurs and it causes mold to grow on the attic insulation.

To avoid spending money on your attic insulation, repair your home roof at the right time.

Light Fixture and Electrical Issues

Once a leak gets to your ceiling and begins to cause damage, it could affect the electrical connection and fixtures in your home. Good amounts of water can damage your electrical wiring, light fixtures, and electrical outlets.

If this happens, you’ll have to hire an electrician and spend money on a new wiring or fixtures purchase.

Continuous Repairs

Your shingles will start to curl, crack, and break off when they are nearing the end of their time. Repairing your shingles at this time might help them hold a place for a while, but small and continuous repairs amount to a lot of money down the line.

When your shingle reaches the end of its life, it might be best to replace the roof completely. Once you notice you are spending a lot on repairs, ask for a quote for a roof replacement.

Top 5 Causes For Roof Leaks

Here are 5 most common causes of roof leaks

If you constantly face roofing problems and have to attend to them often and again, then you can probably relate to the fact that they consume both money and time.

Regardless of the age of your roof, you never can tell if and when it will need to undergo a repair, whether small or large.

To address roofing issues on time and to avoid more problematic and disastrous situations, here are some causes of roof leaks you should know and watch out for this fall. When you know what to look for, you’ll stand a better chance of catching a fault on time and fixing it early.

Attic Condensation

Two major signs of a leak in your attic are the growths of mildew and mold. Apart from these growths in the space, you should also check if the attic smells weird or has a musty odor. A strong odor might be a sign that water has entered your attic and that spells trouble for your home if it is not attended to on time.

Your attic is the highest point in the home, and temperature is often a weird thing when related to the attic. For instance, your attic can be stuck somewhere between the temperature outside and the one inside your home. During extreme weather situations, it is common that condensation would form in your attic, and it should be checked.

Broken Shingles

Harsh weather can harm your shingles and cause damage to it. Broken shingles are the most common sign of damage, and they are often easy to locate when you inspect your roof.

Shingles lie on the outer layer of your roof so you can easily identify any missing or damaged ones by identifying different-colored patches. You might even find some shingles littered around your yard in the case of a major storm that pulls them out of place.

Blocked/Clogged Gutters

One telltale sign that your gutters might be clogged is that you might find leaves and branches shooting out of the roof’s gutter. Another thing to look out for is the absence of water flowing through the downspout during rainfall.

The primary function of your gutter is to direct water away from your roof, thereby protecting your roof from water damage. However, when these gutters get blocked, they prevent water from moving along the lines that it should. The resultant effect of that blockage is that rainwater will store up on one part of the roof and that storage will increase the possibility of water seeping through the cracks.

Cracked Flashing

For better understanding, flashing refers to the pieces of metal that lie under the shingles and atop your roof joints. Flashings are thin in appearance and they look like long-running metal sheets. When they are concealed, flashings have a rubber coating over their top.

One way to know if your flashing has cracked or broken is that you’ll notice that the rubber coatings have cracked. These cracks can be caused by several things and situations, including weather conditions like rain and wind.

The Excessive Use of Your Roof

This point is quite tricky because there is no rule book that specifies what qualifies as excessive use of your roof. So, it is hard to tell whether or not you are using the roof too much, as well as how much use causes leakage.

However, avoid climbing on your roof too much because it is potentially dangerous for you and your roof structure.

The materials used for making roofs are rather fragile, especially if they have already been cracked. If you step on a roof element or seal that is already cracked, you will cause more damage.

Protect your roof from damage by engaging the services of an experienced roofing team that will inspect your roof and protects your home from damage.

Conclusively, there are several possible reasons for a leaking roof, but the list above talks about the most common causes. Bear in mind that sometimes, you might be unable to identify the cause no matter how much you observe. In such a situation, we will inspect your roof and solve any issues that might have arisen.