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When To Replace A Roof

The Hidden Costs Associated With Not Replacing Your Roof

Yes, getting a new roof is quite the investment because a lot of costs are associated. So, many homeowners in Vista, CA will rather patch up the roof and carry out repairs every year to avoid the big change.

However, a time comes when you spend more by not replacing your roof than you would have if you just replaced it.

Vista homeowners need to understand that periodic repairs are only a temporary solution. If the roof continues to leak, it could cause the shingles to fall apart or even result in some invisible damage. Over time, the damage continues to worsen until there’s a big problem that’ll cause you to spend a lot.

Instead of repairing your roof continuously, which is quite stressful and costly when put together, we advise that you get a roof replacement done by a professional roofing company.

Let’s look into the hidden costs associated with not replacing your roof.

Rotten Plywood

Once your roof starts to leak, water gets in and gradually begins to cause things to deteriorate, including the sheets of plywood used as your roof’s base.

The cost of plywood has skyrocketed, so you will need to spend more to replace every plywood sheet that needs changing when the damage already occurred.

To avoid that, replace your roof early so that you only need to buy a few sheets of plywood and save cost.

Interior Wall and Ceiling Damage

As water travels through the plywood, it heads towards your ceiling and causes damage there.

You will begin to see bubbles form and leave water stains on the surface of your ceiling, as well as molds.

The water will continue down your walls, leave streak marks and lead to damaged drywall. These damages mess with the aesthetics of your home and wall.

Replacing the roof early helps you avoid having to repair your Vista home’s interior alongside the roof.

Damaged Attic Insulation

image of attic insulation that is stainedYour attic insulation is important because it keeps your home cool in the summer months and helps your home remain warm in the cold winter season.

Although insulation ought not to be changed whenever you get a roof repair, it’ll need changing when a leak occurs and it causes mold to grow on the attic insulation.

To avoid spending money on your attic insulation, repair your home roof at the right time.

Light Fixture and Electrical Issues

Once a leak gets to your ceiling and begins to cause damage, it could affect the electrical connection and fixtures in your home. Good amounts of water can damage your electrical wiring, light fixtures, and electrical outlets.

If this happens, you’ll have to hire an electrician and spend money on a new wiring or fixtures purchase.

Continuous Repairs

Your shingles will start to curl, crack, and break off when they are nearing the end of their time. Repairing your shingles at this time might help them hold a place for a while, but small and continuous repairs amount to a lot of money down the line.

When your shingle reaches the end of its life, it might be best to replace the roof completely. Once you notice you are spending a lot on repairs, ask for a quote for a roof replacement.