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grey standing seam metal roof on Vista home

11 Reasons For Installing A Metal Roof In Vista, CA

Here are 11 Reasons You Should Install A Metal Roof On Your Vista Home

We can write about metal roofs all day, and there would be a lot to say about the topic; Howbeit more positive things than negatives. But instead of getting into a debate about the pros and cons of metal roofs, this post will shed light on 11 great reasons you should get a professional to install a metal roof on your San Diego home.


1. Energy Efficiency

A metal roof offers thermal emissivity, ranging up to 80 percent or more. When your roof releases so much heat energy coming from the sun, your dream home in California will remain cool.

This energy efficiency implies that you’ll spend less to keep your home cool, so fewer energy bills because of the roof’s energy efficiency.

Compared to this metal roof’s 80% or more, some shingle systems can only deliver 28 percent thermal emissivity.

2. Energy Star Ratings

If you need further convincing about its energy-saving nature, you should know that everything used in the painted finishes for metal roofing has an energy-star rating.

With Energy Star-rated finishes on nearly every metal roof, it would be quite hard to find a metal roofing system that doesn’t deliver amazing savings, even with the great amounts of sunshine in California.

3. Financially Wise Decision

Don’t be discouraged by the initially high cost of metal roofing, especially when compared to other roofing systems. In the end, it helps you save funds because it’ll remain in great condition while shingle roofs that were installed at the same time might have been changed thrice.

The high-quality materials used in their production, coupled with expert skills needed to make and install the roofing system which makes them expensive, also make them long-lasting, energy-saving, and more efficient for your home.

4. HVAC System Friendly

With a metal roof, your HVAC system is bound to run for less than the usual time, perform better, and have a longer lifespan. Your metal roof will help you have a cooler home, which means you don’t need to run your air conditioner for so long, and the pressure on your central AC will reduce.

You can also expect to repair your HVAC less and not need to make replacements for a long time.

5. Longevity

Metal roofs deliver a long-term solution that many roofing materials cannot offer. While others save for roof repairs or replacements every few years, you can go decades without needing to replace your roof. The lifespan of an average metal roof is 50 years, which is half an entire lifetime.

So, if you have plans to stay in your Vista home for a long time, a metal roof is the best investment.

6. Modern and Attractive Appearance

Thanks to modern designs and new roofing technology, metal roofs are beautiful and stylish, and definitely not the corrugated roofs of nearly a century ago.

Now, metal roofs come in bright colors, beautiful patterns, and long-lasting finishes, which make them perfect for residential installations in San Diego and Vista.

If you’re ready to beautify and protect your home with a firm and beautiful metal roof, you can contact this roofing company. Gen819 Roofing & Solar is the best residential roofer in Vista and they will beautify your home by delivering several roofing services.

7. Minimal Maintenance 

Who has time to schedule yearly maintenance when you can buy a metal roof that’ll remain strong for a long time?

When you install a new metal roof, you can rest easy for years without thinking about maintenance. In a few years, you can only expect to have a Vista roofing company carry out a minimal inspection of your roof.

If you have Shingles, you’ll often need to carry out cleaning, repairs, and inspections yearly. When you put the expenditure for all these together, it amounts to a lot of spending you could have avoided with metal roofing systems.

8. Recyclable

You would think that the advantages of metal roofing systems end in their being long-lasting, but that’s not where it ends.

Even after covering your home for a very long time, your metal roof is still nearly 100% recyclable.

Metal roofing is made from high-quality aluminum, galvanized steel, copper, steel, and aluminum alloys. These materials can be comfortably recycled by different commercial establishments across California.

These metals can be used to make beer cans, building beams, bicycles, and so much more.

9. Repairs Rarely Happen

You don’t need to do much in the area of repairs, because metal roofs are just as resilient as they are beautiful. They can handle harsh weather for many years without needing any repairs. Even when they need to be repaired, the issues would be minor, and not need so much work.

10. Solar Friendly

With the sun in California, tell me who wouldn’t invest in solar panels? With a metal roof and solar panels, you can generate and use lots of natural energy. Getting metal roofs with standing seams helps you install a solar panel without needing to make drills.

Thanks to solar clamps, the solar panels will hold firmly to your roof without affecting its strength and structure.

11. Wind Resistance

When the wind blows in Vista, CA, you have to be on alert. But, the average metal panel roofing has about 140 mph wind rating. So, when you have a sturdy metal roof installed in your home, you can rest easy on windy days knowing that your roof can hold its own against the winds.