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Importance Of Spring Maintenance For Flat Roofs

Here’s why spring maintenance is necessary for flat roof homes

One strong benefit of flat roofs is that they are easier to maintain. However, they also require more frequent maintenance than their pitched counterparts, especially in spring.

In springtime, rapid changes in temperature and heavy water flows cause stress on the roofing system.

Although it is possible to run some small maintenance and repairs on your flat roof by yourself, a professional inspection is important to detect any damage so that repairs can be made before summertime.

If you want to repair or maintain your roof in San Diego, you want professional roofers to handle your roof systems. We can guarantee that we’re the best roofing experts in San Diego. We will carry out an inspection of your flat roof and handle any damages before they pose a bigger problem.

Drainage problems escalate quite quickly

Pooling water is one of the problems homeowners face most with their flat roofs during the spring season. Although older roofs suffer this more, relatively new and repaired roofs can also encounter drainage issues that can cause water to sit on the roof longer than is healthy.

When debris gets washed down drainpipes, twigs, and leaves can become blockades, catch gravel and dirt, and slow down or even stop the drainage process.

The slower your drainage process, the more chances that debris will go down the pipe. If you don’t attend to clog when it starts, it can become a huge problem.

Some homeowners unclog the drain by removing the dome and removing the dirt, but that isn’t a permanent solution.

You might need to get your drain snaked to do away with the blockage permanently and allow water to flow through properly.

Because we are experts at installing and maintaining flat roofing, we have what it takes to solve your drainage issues efficiently, quickly, and safely. We can also inspect your roof to ensure there are no leaks that can cause invisible water damage to your home.

Winter can compromise your flat roof

Winters in California are known to be very harsh on houses. From heavy snowfalls to animal predation, and even falling off branches, your roof is at risk of suffering some form of damage in winter.

Even flat roofs with the best quality can suffer tiny holes and tears due to the harshness of winter. If these issues are not repaired, they can cause severe leakage and other issues connected to water damage.

If you want to repair your flat roof, we are your best bet. We have professional and far-reaching experience in flat roof installation, maintenance, and repair. We will correct any damage your roof might have faced in winter.

You need an inspection to get ready for Summer

Owning a flat roof is great because it can serve as an extension of your living space in the summertime.

In San Diego and other cities, porches and balconies don’t often come as a part of an original home design. In such a case, a flat roof can serve as a deck space where you can sit out and carry out activities like grilling.

However, it is important to note that using your flat roof for these functions will increase its wear and tear. Hence, it is vital that you inspect the roof thoroughly in the spring.

Do you plan to use your flat roof as part of your living space? Give us a call, and our California roofing experts will ensure that your roof is ready to be used this summer. We will also advise you on how to always have it in good condition throughout the summer months.

San Diego is filled with flat roof homes because it is trendy, efficient, and delivers an extended living space. It is also an efficient replacement for pitched roofs.

If you want to ensure that your roof system is always in great condition to ensure that your home is protected in the coming years, invite us for a professional spring inspection.