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Advantages of Metal Roofs In The Winter

What are the advantages of a Metal Roof in winter?

Whenever winter approaches, some homeowners begin to worry about the ability of their roofs to survive the cold winter months.

There are many homeowners in California who wish they had replaced their roofs in summer before the winter season starts. Many people think the roof could stay for another year. Some others don’t even think much about it until a leak or damage occurs and they have to suffer through the winter.

If you are currently considering installing a new roof, consider a metal roof because it is the best fit for the weather conditions in California.

More homeowners in California are embracing metal roofing because they are a better fit for the weather conditions in here. They also offer more protection to your home than a shingle roof.

Metal slates won’t crack, bend, or get deformed, which is what you get when you deal with shingle. Although they are expectedly more expensive than shingles, they are a worthwhile investment because of the benefits discussed below.


You get better durability from metal roofs because the slates don’t crack, bend, or deform with time. You can be sure that snow and rain won’t damage the roof, so you have a longer lifespan compared to shingles that’ll curl under the heat of the sun and crack as seasons change

 Less Weight

The build-up of ice and snow in the winter can pose an extra weight on your roof. When this happens, your building walls and its very foundation is put under a lot of pressure. Without removal of the extra weight, a collapse is possible.

But when you have a metal roof, ice and snowfall off easier than they would from a shingle roof. So, you have less weight on your roof, as well as fewer accumulations of leaves, branches, and the like.

 Fewer chances of snow and ice piling up on the roof

Metal roofs have a sleek metal surface that ensures they don’t hold snow and ice as a shingle roof would. There is a smaller likelihood of snow piling up on your roof because it slides off smoothly.

Whatever snow is left on your roof will be removed easily when it melts, thanks to the same sleek steel surface that creates a natural waterslide for water to flow out easily.

Your roof is less likely to leak, and you can feel more secure in your home.

 Animal Damage Protection

Year after year, homeowners call the attention of roofers to animal problems and damages to their roofs.

Birds, raccoons, squirrels, and even critters can cause damage to your roof. They can enter your attic after lifting your vent caps, shingles, and flashing.

They often proceed to build nests on your roof once they get in and move their family inside, especially in the cold winter months when animals seek warmth.

Once they have damaged your roof to get in, it is almost inevitable that your roof will begin to leak not long after.

Metal roofing resists animal damage more than shingles, especially when shingles age and lose strength. Metal roofing materials can’t be moved, lifted, or damaged easily.

So, if you have these problematic animals in your home, it is best to install a metal roof to keep them away and save maintenance costs.

Metal roofing solutions are the sought-after and improved roof covering for homeowners. More people living in San Diego and choosing to make a switch thanks to its stability, durability, and long lifespan.

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